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Stormwater Management

Illicit Discharge Procedures  (6 page PDF)

Stormwater Management Educational Flyer  (2 page PDF)

Stormwater Management Plan

Highline Community College, in compliance with the provisions of the State of Washington Water Pollution Control Law and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, invites the public to comment on the college’s Stormwater Management Plan, Phase II Permit for Western Washington, Permit # WAR04-5712.

Comments may be sent to Barry Holldorf,,  or by US Mail to Highline Community College, Facilities Services, Des Moines,  WA 98198.

The following documents are in PDF format.

10 Things You can do to Prevent Stormwater Runoff Pollution

Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep up driverways, sidewalks and gutters.

Never dump anything down storm drains or in streams.

Vegetate bare spots in your yard.

Compost your yard waste.

Use least toxic pesticides, follow labels, and learn how to prevent pest problems.

Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces; consider a rain garden to capture runoff.

Take your car to the car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.

Check your car for leaks and recycle your motor oil.

Pick up after your pet.

Have your septic tank pumped and system inspected regularly.

United States EPA